Only 8% of the world’s publications about the independence of Catalonia were published in the international media



Oscar Trabazos: analysis about internationalization of the process of independence published in Diari de Girona.

The Catalan process for the independence it generates interest in the General press but not digital has managed to position itself as one of the major themes of world agenda. A study of the BrandRain company on a base of 9 million sources of information reveals that between 10 and 28 September, the world 162,861 were made references to the independence and 474,336 publications with reference to the Catalan elections. In both cases, more than 70% of the world’s publications have been made in the press and more than 90% are in Spanish and Catalan.

The tool with which it works BrandRain, explained Oscar Trabazos, lets you know if the contents have a positive or negative character. According to the study, of more than 400,000 reviews were positive in all languages that were not in Spanish, which is the language with which you have issued more posts talking about the Catalan process. In this case, in Spanish has reached 70% of negative messages.

The company points out that the issue of independence was published by a percentage higher than 70% in digital press, which facilitated reaching a large audience potential. It is estimated that some could have made any topic related to the independence of Catalonia around 23,000 million views. Although this may seem an enormous figure, can be compared with the impact of the world that has had the crisis of Volkswagen. According to Trabazos, the crisis of Volkswagen had 597,238 publications, which means that the problems of the large automobile industry has talked about five times more than the independence. In addition, in just five days, the problems of Volkswagen came to more potential audience, 26,000 million views, that the whole process in the 15 days of the campaign.

Blogging, social networking, digital media, forums and websites topics that discusses BrandRain, only 8% of the 160,000 messages on independence were made in English. To countries it should be noted that France issued a 2.2% of messages, Italy a 1.2%, and Germany a 0.8% of the messages. In Catalan there have issued a 22% of messages about segregation.

With respect to the SCI, the 64% of the more than 400,000 messages about the elections were made in Spanish around the world, while in Catalan have been issued 19% of messages. By country, only 1.2% of the publications have been made in France, a 0.6% in Italy and a 0.3% in Germany.


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